Minutes of March meeting

The minutes of the March Parish Council meeting are now available here.  The main item under discussion was the proposed No Right Turn from the A339 into Rooksdown Lane, diverting the golf club traffic through Rooksdown.

Council meeting 29 April 2019 1930

The agenda and papers for this can be found here.  Main items to be discussed are:

  • The proposed No Right Turn into Rooksdown Lane from the A339, diverting golf club traffic through Nightingale Gardens
  • RPC year end financial report
  • RPC policy on planning permission for garage conversions

Bus shelters in Rooksdown

We have done a preliminary survey of sites for bus shelters and identified the following possible sites:

  • Community Centre - going south 
  • Shops - west
  • Rooksdown Avenue - south
  • Top of Peggs Way - both
  • Harness Court - both

Any comments and suggestions are welcome, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Annual Parish Meeting 1 May 2019 - Agenda

The agenda for the formal part of the Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is now available.  

The APM isn't a Parish Council meeting: it's a meeting for residents, organised by the Council, at which RPC members will be present.  This agenda is to meet RPC's formal obligations under the Local Government Act, but we will be running it as part of the Information Evening detailed below.

Council meeting 25 March 2019

To be held in the Community Centre Youth Room at 1930 on Monday 25 Feb.  All are welcome. 

Main items to be discussed are:

  • The effect on Rooksdown of a No Right Turn from the A339 into Rooksdown Lane
  • Improved school crossings
  • Approval of allotment transfer docs

The agenda can be found here

Annual Parish Meeting and information evening 1 May

The Rooksdown Annual Parish Meeting and information evening will be held in the Community Centre on Wednesday 1 May 2019.

The Parish Meeting, starting at 8pm, gives the residents of Rooksdown a chance to voice their opinions and ask questions about:

  • what's happening in the community
  • what the Parish Council has been doing
  • plans for the future
  • Parish Council finances

This is the formal part of the event, where all that happens will be minuted and if necessary acted on by the Council.

If you would prefer a more informal chat, parish, borough and county councillors will be in the Community Centre foyer from 6-9pm with information boards and handouts about what's happening in Rooksdown.  If you have something you'd like to discuss, or just need some advice, please drop in for a chat.

There will be free wine and soft drinks for attendees.  And with the Fish and Chip van outside, why not drop in for 5 minutes while you're waiting for your meal to cook?