Data Control Committee

The council's Data Control Committee will be meeting on Monday 11 March in the RCA's offices in the Community Centre.  It will be discussing and approving the final set of documents produced under the General Data Protection Regulation.  Agenda and papers can be found here

Council Meeting 26 November 2018

This will take place in the Community Centre at 1930.  Main items for discussion are:

  • Litter around the skatepark
  • Grant applications from Rooksdown Football Club, Rooksdown Community Association and the Hi5 running group
  • When the refurbished Park Prewett Main Hall is complete, whether it should be taken on by the parish council, and if so, how it should be run
  • Application for funding from BDBC to improve Rooksdown
  • Co-option of a councillor

See the agenda for details

Council Meeting 28th January 2019

This meeting will be held in the Community Centre Youth Room at 1930 on Monday 28 Jan.  All are welcome.  Main items under discussion will be:

  • Planning application for the walls of the Park Prewett Main Hall to be rendered
  • Proposed double yellow lines in Pumphouse Way
  • Allotment update
  • Feedback on the Christmas Tree
  • Plans for management of the Main Hall
  • Applications to the BDBC Local Infrastructure Fund for refurbishment of the Pocket Parks, and improved fencing throughout the parish

The agenda and supporting papers can be found here: Part 1 and Part 2

Council Meeting 22 October 2018

The agenda for the parish council meeting on the 22 Oct is available here.  Items to be discussed include:

  • Litter around the skatepark
  • Proposal for a No Right Turn from the A339 into Rooksdown Lane
  • Half-year budget report
  • Updates on the Main Hall, Retail Units and Allotments
  • Grit bins
  • Co-option of councillors