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The Allotments

Map of Rooksdown Allotments

Rooksdown Parish Council has two allotments sites: at Sherborne fields and at Park Prewett.

Sherborne Fields

Sherborne Fields allotments aerial view

The Sherborne Fields site was handed to the council by the developer in April 2019. It consists of 16 full-size plots, currently divided into 5 full-size, 19 half size and 4 quarter plots.

Park Prewett

Park Prewett Allotment plan

The Park Prewett site is expected to be handed over in mid or late 2021. It will consist of 10 half-size plots. Depending on demand, these may be divided into quarter plots.

Allotment rules

The use of the allotments is governed by the Allotment Rules. All plot holders must agree to abide by these rules.

If you want an allotment…

Send an email to the Parish Clerk, stating:

  • Name
  • Address including postcode
  • Phone number
  • Size of plot wanted (full, half, quarter or no preference)

….and you will be added to the waiting list.

Bear in mind that a full plot is 250 square metres, traditionally enough for “a working man to feed his family with vegetables for a year”. Such a plot is hard work and usually too big for anyone but a real gardening enthusiast. We would prefer to let full plots to those who have already had some experience of maintaining an allotment.

On the Sherborne Fields site we have:

  • 5 full 250sqm plots – £70 year
  • 19 half plots (125sqm) – £35/year
  • 4 quarter plots (62.5sqm) – £17.50/year

Rent is discounted by 50% for over 60s. All tenants will also have to pay a returnable deposit of 1 year’s rent.

The Park Prewett site will have 10 half plots (125sqm) at £35/year.

Rooksdown Parish Council provides allotments for the benefit of residents of the parish. These are paid for out of rents and also from the council’s reserves. Non-residents of Rooksdown are not currently eligible for plots.

Other Allotment Documents

You can find other useful information on the Allotments page under Council Documents