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Author: Parish Clerk

May council meeting

As the special legislation for coronavirus has lapsed meetings can no longer be held online.  The Community Centre is not available for meetings as the COVID rules for Early Years provision would mean deep cleaning would be required after a council meeting, and this cannot reasonably be done before the nursery arrives next day.  Therefore the council will be meeting outside the back of the Community Centre, either in the open or under event shelters if wet.

Risk of virus transmission will be mitigated as follows:

  • No chairs will be provided.  If you wish to attend and sit you will have to bring your own chair
  • No printed agendas will be made available.
  • Councillors that are required to complete paperwork must do so as far is possible before the meeting, and bring a copy with them.
  • Hand sanitiser and a sterilising spray will be available for use by councillors and the public.
  • There will be no access to the Community Centre for any reason.

In view of this the agenda has been cut down to what is legally and practically required. To enable the meeting to proceed as fast as possible a document has been issued to all councillors giving the background and main points for each agenda item. Download this, the agenda and other supporting papers here.  

HR Committee meeting 28 April

In line with government legislation for holding council meetings, the council will be holding an online meeting of the HR Committee at 1930 on Monday 28 April. We’ll be using Microsoft Teams: click on this link to join. See the detailed instructions for full information.

Download the agenda here.

As it can be difficult to organise online meetings for lots of people, it would help to know how many members of the public might be joining. If you intend to join, please could you email the Clerk beforehand?