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Council Grants

Parish Council Grant Scheme

Rooksdown Parish Council has a budget for the award of grants.  The Council can only award grants for activities or projects which the Council feels will be of benefit to Rooksdown and its residents, eg grants to a sports club, for a music festival or towards community celebrations of special events.

Grants are normally awarded at the May and October council meetings, so please submit your application at least 3 weeks before the meeting takes place. If it’s late, there may no be time to process it and the application may be delayed by 6 months.

All applications must be accompanied by appropriate accounts or supporting financial information.  

County Councillor Grant Scheme

County Councillor Robert Taylor, like all Hampshire County Councillors, has the power to award grants out of his personal grant budget.  If your organisation is looking for financial support, see the details on the Hampshire County Council website or contact Robert at .