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Rooksdown Park Masterplan


The Masterplan – developed through discussion with Ward Members, Rooksdown Community Association, Rooksdown Parish Council and a community consultation during 2013/14. 

Final Masterplan dated August 2014 (see map). 

The Masterplan was aimed at drawing together aspirations of stakeholders and the community at the time, in order to plan the design and future use of Rooksdown Park, and to efficiently spend the s106 contributions that were due to be paid to the council by housing developers, as part of their planning obligations to enhance the range of activities within the park and appeal to users of all ages and interests.

Delivered schemes

Schemes within the Masterplan which have since been delivered include (with approximate timescales):
• Phase 1 – Footpath links / avenue trees: 2014/15
• Play Area – 2015/16
• Phase 2 – Footpath links / furniture: 2016/17
• Skate Park – 2017/18

Next steps

There is currently no timeline for the delivery of the remaining elements shown on the Masterplan, and their delivery will be dependent on suitable budgets becoming available, either via s106 developer contributions, or other capital budgets.


All works past and present are mindful of the sensitivities of the site, its location within the 2004 Conservation Area Appraisal, location close to the hospital, inclusion of the Air Ambulance landing pad within the site, and also neighbouring uses including the Community Centre and tenant children’s day nursery, primary school, and residential properties.

Dated July 2022

Rooksdown Park Masterplan